Cloudpard Produst

Cloudpard Hydrogen Water Product

Hydrogen rich Water Product

Healthy Water Purifier Filter Product Features:

 1. Offer healthy hydrogen water at any time and place
 2. Beautifully illuminated during the hydrogen water generation process
 3. Portable and trendy; you can get supplement water anywhere at any time
 4. Compatible with normal PET bottles with standard caliber available on the market
 5. Plug-free; USB socket available for desktop charging
 6. Titanium alloy by KOBELCO with C/O


 1.An innovative patent: The power of magnesium is combined with infrared-ray ceramic balls to generate a constant hydrogen production.
 2.Negative electric potential, alkaline water Negative potential will increase with time and is able to reach a level higher than-100 and a pH Level greater than 7.2
3.Small molecules in high quality water Highly permeable and soluble water molecules are able to transport nutrients and oxygen to cells throughout the body and help with the metabolization of old and unwanted waste of the body.
4.Easy to bring along anytime!
5.Good tasting water The entire family wiII start to enjoy drinking water.
6.Economical as each rod can last 6 months Far more economical compared to highly expensive water purifiers.