FANCY Product

FANCY Teppanyaki Grill

Glass Teppanyaki Grill

A new breakthrough in the traditional glass burning, combined with Germany Schott ® glass-ceramic material and infrared heating, with an exclusive smoke filter design patent to create a new less oil and less smoke healthy cooking environment.

Multi-functional – 70 ℃ ~ 380 ℃ touch LED panel operation, whether it is fried, cooked, boring, fried, steamed, baked and other different cooking methods to meet your needs for cooking.

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SmokelessTeppanyaki Home Edition

FANCY manufactures all kinds of commercial kitchen equipments, and among them the teppanyaki table is the hallmark product with which FANCY has become synonymous as gourmet teppanyaki popularized. FANCY’s teppanyaki table comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and features, including:

• Customizable seating arrangement
• Proprietary downdraft filtration system
• Specialized steel processing
• Patent low-resistance ventilation         

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Other styles teppanyaki

FANCY’s teppanyaki table integrates the patent electro-static precipitating system, German brand exhaust fan, wood-patterned steel exterior, and sandblasted tempered glass tabletop.

In particular, the electro-static precipitator’s special insulation design and electromagnetic field (EMF) protection differentiates itself from competing brands. The negative-ion generating technology installed on the teppan can also reduce the breakdown of protein during cooking process and prevent smoke from generating, making the griddle truly smokeless.

FANCY’s teppanyaki table is sold in over 30 countries and has earned loyal support from its users worldwide.       

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