KAVULUNGAN Vulung Sharp Carbon Clincher Road Wheel


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  • 6 Pawls System 6 pawls design hub increase the contact point, acting in concert with the dance and cruise of the rider, can give a faster and more efficient transmission reaction
  • 23.8mm rim width provides a wider contact area with the ground on high-speed ride, allowing the riders to control more steadily
  • Rotating Maintain Design The framework of the rim is evenly distributed throughout the structure, which gives a greater moment inertia
  • Solid Frame Design Through the layup design of carbon fiber, the rim is strengthened and the tension of the spokes is increased, which enhance the wheel, making it stronger and more durable
  • Temperature Control Decrease the overlapping area of carbon fiber when laying up, can keep the temperature of the rim stable, avoiding overheated rims

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“38.8mm wheel is suitable for compound terrain. No matter if it’s a single day ride or bicycle touring, it can deal with all kinds of terrain. The adequate wheel diameter allows stable ride even when facing sudden blast. Enlarging the hub flange and shortening the spokes provide a sharper riding reaction. It not only is satisfactory for both, competition and daily practice but also suitable for triathlon of 51.5km.”

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