Kingcup Enterprise

Kingcup Enterprise Co., LTD.

Kingcup is a Taiwanese cutting mat manufacturer for more than 45 years. Providing cutting mat for not only office, school and art supplies, but also for those craft and sewing hobbyists. We have customer from U.S.A, Canada, Germany and U.K, etc… And we have been working for years. So our product’s quality is one thing you will never have to worry about!

Great customer service
We’ve always tried, wherever possible, to cater for the individual needs of every customer and we receive excellent feedback.

Brand credibility
We’ve been in business for over 43 years, and in that time we have grown in size and reputation until today, when we are the No.1 name in the Taiwan for cutting mat products.

Quality products
We use only the finest materials available – including recycle and pure raw material – that take into consideration sustainability and environmental impact. We use manufacturing methods that not only meet but, in a lot of cases, exceed industry-recognised standards. This exceptional quality is common in our Factories. Taiwan manufacturers have superior technology and well-trained talent running these amazing work.

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