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FANCY manufactures all kinds of commercial kitchen equipments, and among them the teppanyaki table is the hallmark product with which FANCY has become synonymous as gourmet teppanyaki popularized.

FANCY Food Service Equipment Co., Ltd

FANCY's production and R & D capabilities actively bring together its design and manufacturing department, and continually innovate using advanced production techniques to create value-added new products
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Glass Teppanyaki

A new breakthrough in the traditional glass burning, combined with Germany Schott ® glass-ceramic material and infrared heating, with an exclusive smoke filter design patent to create a new less oil and less smoke healthy cooking environment.

Home use teppanyaki

Smokeless Teppanyaki Home Edition Features

No grease hood, no air-duct, no pollution
Integrated down-draft ventilation system
Patent health-oriented grease-laden air purification system
Lockable casters provide plug & cook mobility
Low noise suction motor

All kinds style teppanyaki

FANCY’s teppanyaki table comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and features, including:

• Various models with customizable seating arrangement
• Proprietary downdraft filtration system
• Specialized steel processing
• Patent low-resistance ventilation