Uanuan Tierce – Portable Coffee Drip Filter Stainless Steel Coffee dripper – Camping Cookware Durable – fordable

by Uanuan

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  • Fast and Easy: Takes only 3 sec to assemble a stainless steel coffee dripper.
  • Easy Carry Portable Coffee Filter: Folds flat and you can carry it around in your bag.
  • 02 Coffee Filter: Fits in any 02 Cone filter paper.
  • Profound Quality: Made of Stainless Steel from Japan. Present in a delicate texture.
  • Each Package Contains a Coffee Dripper (105*70 mm) and 15-count Hario Coffee Filters.

Price: $41.99

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Technical Details



Package Dimensions

14.4 x 10.8 x 2.8 cm



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Shipping Weight

59 g

Product Information

Portable Coffee Drip Filter Stainless Steel Coffee dripper

Experience nature, taste life and savor the joys of every moment of your journey. Slim and compact like a business card holder when folded.
Proprietary design with 3 parts connected by spindles grants easy assembly—simply expand, buckle up and it’s good to go! Expand the leaves, insert couplers into the grooves and press down to fix up, then place a cone filter and you’re ready for your coffee fest.

Tierceable Using Instructions :

Step ❶ Face up the side with the logo, then pull up to the left.
Step ❷ Spread out each side of Tierce
Step ❸ Assembling hook into the hole, and buckling down is all you need to do